Barcrest's Sheik Yer Money

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Sheik Yer Money is a rich Arabian themed video slot game which has been developed by the fantastic Barcrest group. This is a well designed video slot game both in terms of looks and game play, this slot also features some great sounds and music!

This colourful Arabian themed slot plays with 10 winning lines over 5 reels, look forward to lots of winning potential from the various card value and gem symbols as all wins pay adjacent on the reels!

Sheik Yer Money is a great slot to play if you like things simple yet lucrative, there are no bonus rounds or free spins, this makes for plenty of action just on the reels themselves. To keep you amused and to assist wins there are a couple of unique features as you spin the reels. Landing mystic lamp symbols will change to reveal another paytable symbol to help you achieve mystery wins, all the lamps landed will change to the same symbol. You will also see the Sheik Shake feature quite often, after a spin there is a random chance that the Sheik will appear and shake the reels. This Sheik Shake will change the reels into a winning combination. The Sheik is only available when the mystic lamp symbols fail to present a win.

The most notable symbols on the reels are of course the gems, when playing big bet games on this Barcrest slot you can also reveal wild symbols thanks to the mystic lamps!

There are a few different ways to play Sheik Yer Money in terms of betting. Firstly there is the usual standard one wager per spin game, playing one wager per spin long term will payback 96.20%. You will be able to land mystic lamps and trigger the Sheik Shake. The maximum win per spin is a cool 250x your stake!

If you can afford to play big bets on this game, its well worth investing in. The long term payback is bumped up to 98.20% and some extra winning potential can be achieved thanks to the mystic lamps. Big bets as you may know consist of 5 consecutive spins for a fixed wager. In the case of this Sheik Yer money slot game you can play 5 big bet spins for £10, £15 or £20. A £10 big bet round will activate locking mystic lamps which can turn into any other paytable symbol after each spin just like on the standard game, the mystery symbol will change on each big bet spin. Increasing the wager to £15 will play the same except you have the chance of the mystic lamps turning into wilds. Lastly the most lucrative £20 big bet rounds plays like the £15 games apart from the mystic lamps, should they reveal wilds, instead of changing on the next spin, these wilds will remain locked for the duration of the 5 big bet spins!! The Sheik Shake can also occur during any of these big bet wagers. Playing Big Bets is by far the best long term strategy when playing this slot thanks to the increased percentage and overall entertainment factor, just make sure you have the bankroll to suit the swings which can be both high and low. For more information on these big bet wagers, simply check out the information screens on the games interface and all will be revealed.

Before writing this review we played this Sheik Yer Money slot quite thoroughly and we have to conclude its one of the best playing Barcrest games thanks to its fast and simple game play which offers win after win. The lack of features is made up by the constant action on the reels and the frequency of the mystic lamp and Sheik Shake extras, particularly when your playing big bets.

Watch the "Sheik Yer Money" game title glisten as you hope to land full screen wins on this rich Arabian themed video slot!

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