Barcrest's Lucky 5 Reeler

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Lucky 5 Reeler is an interesting video slot game by Barcrest which is aimed at the more seasoned slot player or high roller that is looking for a simple yet fun to play concept which offers the chance of hitting large potential payouts.

We say Lucky 5 Reeler is for the more seasoned player due to the minimum stake which is £2 per game when playing max lines which is 10, when playing £2 per spin or above this game offers a very fair long term RTP percentage of 95%. It is possible to play the game at £1 however you will only activate 5 win lines and the RTP percentage is reduced to a much lesser 88%, however depending on your bankroll you may decide to play at £1 and you will still have the chance of winning big thanks to Lucky 5 Reeler's unique concept of using 5 playing reels per game.

The overall theme of this slot suggests sophistication and elegance, there are no bonuses or thrills to be found here other than winning big! The music and sound effects are very relaxing and the pace of the game is slow and smooth, we found Lucky 5 Reeler quite addictive when playing due to its relaxed approach in terms of looks and game play, any next spin feels like it could be a potential winner more so than other games we have played due to the fact your playing with 5 separate sets of reels. Lucky 5 Reeler is simply a pleasure to play, even more so when your winning.

Game play wise this unique concept of using 5 sets of reels creates suspense as potential winnings can be huge. Each time you hit the spin button your stake is wagered and 5 sets of reels are used in turn before your final winnings are evaluated and awarded. The initial first spin is displayed on the large main reel set, after the reels have spun that completed spin is then moved to one of the four empty slots at the top of the screen. Should you hit any winning combinations on that spin these will be locked in place and held over to the next spin. This enables the player to potentially improve on the win whilst banking existing wins each time until all 5 spins have been played out. Should you be very lucky and land a winning position on every spot on the reels then this will also be locked until all 5 spins have been played resulting in a huge win.

Do check out the demo below to see exactly how this concept works, the highest paying symbols are the ones you really want to land which are Black Cats, Lucky Lady's, Four Leafed Clovers and the Lucky Reeler symbols themselves. Winning combinations are also payed adjacent providing you have at least 3 of a kind on one of the 10 different payout lines.

Overall we have to say that this is a rather fun game to play by Barcrest despite its initial simple looks. This game may not appeal to everyone due to the lack of bonuses and the minimum stake however if you do like the chance of winning big and don't mind risking a few £££'s to do so then we highly recommend taking this Lucky 5 Reeler slot for a few spins. Hit some high paying symbols on the first set of reels, watch then lock and look forward to a big payout!

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