Barcrest's Wild Knights King's Ransom

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Wild Knights King's Ransom is the sequel to the popular original Wild Knights video slot game by Barcrest. This new King's Ransom version contains all the game play you loved from the original with some added extras.

Firstly there are 3 different stake brackets which will affect how much this slot will payback in terms of the return to player percentage over a long period of time. This slot plays with a fixed amount of 10 winning lines per spin. When staking between 10p to £1 per spin you are playing the most basic version of Wild Knights King's Ransom which is still very entertaining in its own right and will payback a long term RTP of 94%. The standard 10p to £1 spins focus on the paytable wins, hitting the free spins bonus and also the pots bonus which is a new feature compared to the original Wild Knights.

When staking £2 or more per spin the game will play with a slightly more generous long term RTP of 96%, this is thanks to the round table bonus which will activate after hitting any wins on the reels which result in £5 or greater!

For high rollers looking for the maximum RTP of 98% you must play the big bets (£20 for 5 spins) or even super big bet games which cost £30 for 5 spins. These big bets can be found on other Barcrest slots providing the best long term RTP and the highest level of entertainment. Which ever stake you choose when playing Wild Knights King's Ransom, you are sure to have a fun and entertaining experience. How much you stake will highly depend on your bankroll and how lucky you ultimately feel.

Now moving onto the game play, there are two main ways to win big on Wild Knights King's Ransom. The free spins bonus and pots bonus will give you the best chance of hitting a big prize.

The free spins bonus can be triggered by landing 3 mixed, blue or red shields on the middle reels. Should you be playing £2 stake or more per spin then the free spins can also be triggered from the round table bonus. When playing big bets or super big bets, any shields landing during the 5 spins will remain held allowing for an extra chance of hitting the free spins bonus!

The free spins play just like you've experienced on the original Wild Knights. You will be awarded unlimited spins with stepping wilds. The free spins will continue until you have lost all your knights, a knight is lost when a black baron symbol appears on the final reel. When triggering the free spins, mixed shields awards the bonus with one knight, blue shields awards two knights and 3 red shields awards the bonus with the maximum of three knights. Overall this is a fun bonus to play with catchy music from the original, landing stacked wilds all over the screen is sure to pay big as these will continue to step and pay prizes.

The pots bonus is the hardest feature to trigger on Wild Knights King's Ransom but its also the most lucrative. The pots bonus will be activated when you land a pot of gold on reels 1, 3 and 5. The only other way to trigger the pots bonus is from the round table bonus, the 1x multiplier on the table will be replaced with a pot of gold. This round table containing a pot is activated when landing a win of £5 or more on the base game and is unique to the £30 super big bets!

On entry to the pots bonus, 12 mixed gold, silver or bronze cards will be dealt, turned face down and shuffled. The pots will be shown at the top of the screen with their awarding stake multiplier. To win one of the values you simply need to select a card which will then reveal either a bronze, silver or gold pot. Each time the bonus is triggered the multiplier values will vary and as mentioned the final award consists of the total stake (including big bets or super big bets) times the selected pot multiplier.

When playing the base game two random events can occur to help you achieve paytable wins while you search for the free spins or the pots bonus. These two features are the Gauntlet bonus which will change symbols on the reels to result in a winning combination. There is also the Wild Times bonus which can occur if no wins have been landed, one of the symbols will be turned wild with a winning multiplier. Both of these extra features can occur randomly after a spin on any given stake.

That just about concludes our review for Barcrest's Wild Knights King's Ransom. This is a fun and entertaining slot all round with lots of potential winning game play, whether your playing small bets, medium stakes or high roller big bets. For maximum entertainment simply stake £2 or more per spin to trigger the round table bonus when landing a win of £5 or more. If you have a huge bankroll, the big bets will give you the maximum long term return on this game which is a highly generous 98%!

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