Barcrest's Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties

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Barcrest's Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties can be played for Real Money at the following site:





Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties by Barcrest combines the excitement of the classic casino game Roulette with the worlds most famous family board game, MONOPOLY!

This is an interesting variation of Roulette, due to the fact it contains a lucrative deal or no deal style Hot Properties bonus game.

The standard Roulette wheel itself is identical to a European game apart from an extra winning pocket coloured in yellow which is labeled HOT. Due to the extra "Hot" pocket, the game now plays with a slightly increased house edge as its technically a double zero wheel. The house edge when playing the classic Roulette bets is 94.70%. If you're looking for maximum return from a Roulette game, simply check the bottom of our games page for an authentic live Roulette game.

Back onto Monopoly Roulette however, this game is all about hitting the exciting Hot Properties feature. By wagering on the yellow Hot pocket, you have the chance to trigger the bonus. When playing the "Hot Properties" bet, this wager has a long term RTP of 95.47%.

Should the ball land on the Hot pocket which contains a wager, the feature will be activated and can pay between 1x to 100x your stake on the Hot pocket. Betting £10 could win you £1,000 for example. You will be presented with 18 familiar Monopoly property cards with stake values ranging from 1x to 100x. Your aim is to eliminate the smaller values for better offers and higher value remaining cards. After selecting 5 cards to begin with, you will be presented with an offer, you may collect or take a chance to increase the offer. Five more cards will need to be selected and removed if you chose to take a chance, another deal will be made after. After the second offer you may collect or take another chance, this time you must select and remove just 3 cards. After the third offer you should think carefully, taking a chance will mean you need to select another 3 cards, then just two cards will remain for the final offer. If the jackpot Electric Company card is remaining at the end then you may decide to be brave and go all the way.

The Hot Properties feature on this classic game of Roulette is a fun and interesting bonus to play. If your looking for the lowest house edge when playing Roulette then you may wish to play Immersive Roulette instead as featured at the bottom of the games page found on this site. If your just looking for a fun and interesting Monopoly themed Roulette game then you may wish to give this game a few spins.

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