OMG kittens Video Slot

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Clearly designed for cat lovers! OMG Kittens is a very cute and cuddly themed slot which may only appeal to a select few because of its theme. However, if the looks put you off then perhaps the fact that this unique slot can actually pay quite well may tempt you instead.

The reels feature bright and colourful symbols predominantly of the kittens Tiger, Bubbles and Mr. Whiskers which fill the entire reel. Mixed kittens will pay a small amount and a full screen of the same kitten will award a big picture pay. On the last reel you may even be lucky enough to land a multiplier between 2x to 100x!

The OMG Kittens free spins bonus also gives you a good chance of winning big. To trigger the free spins you must land the first four reels with kitten symbols and the last with the bold and colourful OMG! free spins symbol. Depending on which kittens you land will determine how many free spins are awarded and with which multiplier, bonus pays may also be awarded from Mr. Whiskers.

OMG Kittens despite the crazy and somewhat amusing theme is actually a good little slot with some potential! Give this cute and cuddly themed slot a chance and you never know, you could be returning to it in the future and possibly hit a few big wins.

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